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Fruit Cake

December 21, 2010 4:26 pm · Posted by Fiona McBree

Major "thanks" to Anila Dittakavi for contributing another guest entry. Enjoy!

POINT By Fiona McBree

Fruit cake smells like sweet mold and reminds me of retirement homes and Christmas sweaters. Perhaps it’s because I’m not chums with the Barefoot Contessa’s of the fruit cake world but, every piece I’ve had tasted more like a soggy, sticky, chew toy (my reasons for knowing what a chew toy tastes like are not important for this post. Focus, people!) than an actual dessert.

I’m a fan of most processed, man-made, trans-fat containing stuff  (Cheez-Whiz, anyone?) but even I draw the line at the fruit-ish gunk found in fruit cakes. Um, what the hell are “green candied cherries?” I suggest using green gummy bears and sparing today’s Internet savvy youth from discovering there’s no such thing as a green cherry. Dates, another popular ingredient, look like everybody’s least favorite insect and, they’re a laxative. Moving on…

If you’re looking for a holiday tradition and are seriously considering making fruit cake...STOP! Use that lemon and rum/bourbon to make Hot Toddy’s. http://www.yumsugar.com/Happy-Hour-Hot-Toddy-7168949 It will save you from lugging that uneaten brick-o-cake back home and, people won’t call you names.

Fruit cake sucks.

COUNTERPOINT By Anila Dittakavi http://sassitudeagirlsguidetoswagger.blogspot.com/

Tis the season of The fruit cake…hooray!

I know I’m in the minority and I’m aware that over the years the fruit cake has become the punch line of several holiday jokes – but I remain undeterred. I truly enjoy the deliciousness of this cake once a year.

First of all, I’m a fan of cake.  Who doesn’t love the base ingredient of the fruit cake? It lays a clean foundation for the rest of the ingredients that are to come.

Second, I’m a fan of both dried and candied fruits.  It doesn’t matter what fruit (apricots, cranberries, cherries, etc.).  Do you like gummy candies? Well, I do! And the fruit cake incorporates extra sugary versions.

Thirdly, I love nuts.  Sometimes I feel like a nut (okay, I always feel like a nut).  Pecans, almonds, pistachios, cashews all add a nice crunch.

The perfect fruit cake in my eyes harmonizes all of these ingredients.  I love the way all of these flavors and textures come together – a true party in my mouth! And who doesn’t love a party during the holidays?

C'mon everyone, give the beloved fruit cake another chance.

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Have a wonderful holiday everyone! Thank you for making POINT/COUNTERPOINT one of our highlights this year.  We look forward to your visiting (and telling others) in 2011.

Who Started This Blog & Why?!

Is there really a "winner" when it comes to tastes in food?

Amy & Fiona met at work. Every day they would discuss their lunch choices then continue with their daily tasks. Neither was particularly impressed with the other until one day Amy brought a Black & White cookie to share.

A: I love these! Want some?

F: Ugh, I HATE Black & White cookies!

Amy & Fiona's once cordial lunch discussion became heated as they each tried to justify their opinion on...  a cookie. As a result, an actual friendship (and this blog) were formed. A few times a month Amy & Fiona will discuss a food item they disagree on and see which Point (or Counterpoint) their readers agree with.

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